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One Hour Extra work Till  31st March

18.03.2017]BSNLEU calls upon the circle and district unions to actively participate in the asset valuation of BSNL’s lands.

Through yesterday’s updating in the website, the CHQ has explained about the new Accounting Standard, to be compulsorily followed by BSNL, which is called Ind AS. The BSNL Management is in the process of bringing the entire valuation of BSNL’s landed property, into the accounts of the Company. The CMD BSNL expressed his desire in yesterday’s meeting, that at least our lands worth Rs.1,50,000 crore should be brought into our accounts this year. The market value of these lands has to be certified by a reputed consultancy. BSNL intends to engage M/s KPMG for this purpose. After the meeting with the CMD BSNL, this issue was discussed by the CHQ office bearers available in the Head Quarters. The view of the CHQ in this regard is that, if assets valuing Rs.1,50,000 crores are brought in to the accounts of BSNL, it will help to boost the image of the Company. We are witnessing that high valued assets of many Public Sector Companies are being sold to private companies at throw-away price, by the government. Through strategic sale and privatisation, the government is allowing big corporates to capture the assets of the Public Sector Companies, and thus loot people’s money. Under these circumstances, if an asset value of Rs.1,50,000 (at least) is brought into the accounts of BSNL, it will act as a deterrent against the strategic sale / privatisation of  BSNL. Hence, the CHQ requests all the circle and district unions to coordinate with other unions and associations, and to accomplish the task of asset valuation of our lands within the target date of 30.06.2017.


[17.03.2017]Meeting between Forum and CMD BSNL.

A meeting between the CMD BSNL and Forum was held today. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA and com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA participated in the discussion. In the meeting, the CMD BSNL gave a presentation about the new Accounting Standard, which has to be compulsorily followed by BSNL, w.e.f. this year. The following is the presentation given by the CMD BSNL:- 


“So far the Companies in India were following an Accounting Standard called GAP (General Accounting Principle). However, the Government of India has made it compulsory from this year onwards, that the Companies should follow a new Accounting Standard called Ind AS. As per this new Accounting Standard, a different methodology is to be adopted by the Companies, for calculating their net worth. Accordingly, the assets purchased by BSNL, after 01.10.2000, through the revenue it generated from it’s core business alone will be taken for assessing it’s net worth.At the same time, according to the new procedure, the value of the total assets of the Company, like land and buildings, will also figure in the account. For this purpose, BSNL has to bring in the value of it’s entire lands into the account. A consultancy, to be appointed by BSNL, probably KPMG, will assess the market value of these lands and will certify it. In this year’s account, BSNL’s lands worth atleast Rs.1,50,000 crore has to be brought into the account. And, this job has to be completed before 30th June, 2017. If BSNL’s assets worth Rs.1,50,000 crore figure in the account, it will greatly improve the image of the Company in the eyes of public.” 


To complete this job, the CMD BSNL requested that the unions and associations should extend their fullest cooperation, so that the total lands of BSNL are identified and brought into the account for valuation. The leaders present in the meeting assured that they would extend their fullest cooperation in this regard. BSNLEU requests all the circle and district unions to actively cooperate with the circle and district level administrations in identifying and bringing the entire landed property of BSNL into accounting.  


[17.03.2017]Merger of BSNL and MTNL.

Many rumours are doing the rounds among employees with regards to the merger of BSNL and MTNL. In view of this, the leaders who met the CMD BSNL today, raised the issue in the discussion. The CMD BSNL replied that he was not aware of any development on this issue. The leaders firmly told the CMD BSNL that any merger of BSNL and MTNL can be accepted only if the following conditions are fulfilled by the government. 


(1)  The entire financial liability of MTNL should be taken over by the government, and this burden should not be shifted on the shoulders of BSNL.

(2)  The salary structure of the employees of BSNL and MTNL should be one and the same, and there should not be any discrimination in this count.

(3)  MTNL is a listed in the share market. Hence, merger of MTNL with BSNL, will pave the way for disinvestment / privatisation in BSNL. Hence, the government should first de-list MTNL from the share market, as pre-condition for merger with BSNL. 


The CMD BSNL assured that the views of the leaders would be given due consideration.


[17.03.2017]Meeting with CMD BSNL on the issues of the contract workers.

Com. P. Abihmanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Vice President, BSNLCCWF and com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, met shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL and discussed the issues contained in the memorandum, submitted to the CMD on 22.02.2017, at the time of the BSNLCCWF’s March to Parliament. The representatives demanded that the CMD BSNL should ensure the implementation of the orders of the BSNL Corporate Office, with regards to payment of Minimum Wage, EPF and ESI to contract workers. They pointed out that in most of the circles, the contract workers are paid only a paltry amount as wages, and the remaining amount is being stolen by the contractors. Further, the EPF contribution from the Management Side, as well as from the workers side are also being stolen by the contractors, stated the representatives. They strongly demanded that the Management should form a cell in the Corporate Office, to monitor the implementation of the Corporate Office orders, with regards to the contract workers. They also demanded that the new wages notified in the Gazette, by the Government of India, should immediately be implemented to the contract workers in BSNL. The CMD BSNL stated that the matters would be seriously looked into, for taking necessary action.  


[17.03.2017]MoU signed between BSNL Management and Union Bank of India.

Since the earlier MoU signed between BSNL and the Union Bank of India had expired, BSNLEU has been insisting upon the Management to sign a fresh MoU with that bank to enable the employees to get various loans. The MoU has now been signed.<<view MoU>>  


[17.03.2017]Maximum limit of gratuity raised to Rs.20 lakh, w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

The maximum limit of Death cum Retirement Gratuity of the Central Government has been increased to Rs.20 lakh, as per the recommendation of the 7th Central Pay Commission. The government has now made it applicable to the BSNL/MTNL absorbees also. This enhancement will be implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2016.<<view letter>>


[17.03.2017]Com. Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU, raised the Central Government Employees’ strike in the Parliament.

When the more than one million Central Government employees went on a country wide one day strike yesterday, the issue was raised inside the Parliament also. Com. Tapan Sen, MP & General Secretary, CITU, raised this issue in the Rajya Sabha and urged upon the Central Government to settle their issue. BSNLEU heartily congratulates com. Tapan Sen.<<view vide clip of com.Tapan Sen’s intervention>>


[17.03.2017]BSNLEU once again writes to the PGM (Estt.), BSNL CO., on the issue of recovery of over payment.

In continuation of the discussion held by BSNLEU yesterday, with Ms. Madhu Arora, PGM (Estt.), BSNL CO., the Union has once again written to her, demanding to issue direction to all the CGM’s for the immediate stoppage of all recoveries on over payment.<<view letter>> 


[17.03.2017]BSNLEU writes to the PGM (Estt.), BSNL CO., on issuing clarification to the CGM, MP, regarding reservation to SC/ST employees.

The CGM, Madhya Pradesh has written to the Corporate Office, seeking clarification on the guidelines issued by BSNL Corporate Office, in the matter of reservation to SC/ST employees, vide letter number no.250-22/2013-Estt.-III dated 28.07.2016. Since the Corporate Office has not replied so far, BSNLEU has written to the PGM (Estt.), BSNL CO., requesting to issue early clarification.<<view letter>>


[17.03.2017]Views of the solidarity demonstration, conducted by BSNLEU, in support of the one day strike of the Central Government employees which took place yesterday.<<views>> 


[17.03.2017]More than one million Central Government employees went on a one day strike.

More than one million Central Government employees went on a one day strike yesterday, insisting settlement of their charter of demands, which include removal of the injustices done by the 7th CPC. BSNLEU heartily congratulates the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, which spearheaded the strike, and also the more than one million Central Government employees who went on the strike. CHQ also heartily congratulates all the circle and district unions of BSNLEU, which conducted solidarity demonstration yesterday, as per the call of the CHQ, in support of the strike.


[16.03.2017]Meetings with PGM (Estt.), GM (Rectt.), GM (FP), GM (BFCI) and GM (Admn.).

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS, met PGM (Estt.), GM (Rectt.), GM (FP), GM (BFCI) and GM (Admn.), today, and discussed a number of issues. The issues taken up, and the reply given, are as follows:- 


[16.03.2017]Producing of NOC by DR JE candidates, at the time of Document Verification.

It has been brought to the notice of our CHQ that, in some places, the circle administrations are pressing the DR JE candidates to produce NOC, during Document Verification. This issue was discussed with ms. Anima Roy, GM (Rectt.), today. The Union representatives are told that the DR JE candidates need to produce NOC from their earlier employer, only in cases were they had served in a government department or a government company. 


[16.03.2017]Declaration of JTO LICE results.

The results of JTO LICE, held on 11.12.2016, are not yet declared. BSNLEU is continuously pursuing with the Management for the early declaration of the results. The issue was once again discussed with ms. Anima Roy, GM (Rectt.) today. It was replied that the Expert Committee, constituted to look into the views / grievances of the candidates, has already met once. Finalisation of the Committees report is delayed due to holidays on account of Holi. It was assured that, the Committee would finalise it’s report soon and that results would be declared by the end of March.


[16.03.2017]Conducting of Telecom Technician LDCE.

BSNLEU is continuously insisting upon the Management to hold the TT LDCE, since the same was not conducted last year. The issue was once again discussed with ms. Madhu Arora, GM (Rectt.) today. It was agreed that, communication will shortly be sent by the Corporate Office, to the circle administrations, intimating the time schedule for holding the TT LDCE. 


[16.03.2017]Steps being taken to settle the transfer cases of DR TTAs who have become JTOs in Assam, NE-I and NE-II.

A good number of DR JEs (erstwhile DR TTAs) serving in the North Eastern circles of Assam, NE-I and NE-II have applied for transfer to their home circles, under Rule 8. They are waiting for the past so many years for the transfer. Meanwhile, most of them have already passed the JTO LICE. Now the question arises, whether they should complete another 5 years service in the JTO cadre, to get the eligibility for applying for transfer to their home circles, under Rule 8. BSNLEU is continuously demanding the Corporate Management that, the DR JEs posted in the North Eastern circles should be given transfer to their home circles, as a special case on a priority basis. This issue is taken up by BSNLEU, as an item for discussion in the forthcoming National Council meeting also. Since the National Council meeting is deferred, this issue was discussed with ms. Madhu Arora, PGM (Estt.) today. It was replied by the PGM (Estt.) that based on the demand raised by BSNLEU, the Corporate Management has taken certain decisions, in respect of the transfer of DR TTAs (including those who have already become JTOs) posted in hard circles. Accordingly, a DR TTA, after becoming a JTO, has to complete only one year of service in the cadre of JTO, for becoming eligible to apply for transfer under Rule 8, to his / her home circle. This concession is applicable to the JTOs working in Assam, NE-I, NE-II, J&K and Andaman & Nicobar circles. The Union representatives further urged upon the PGM (Estt.) to post sufficient number of JTOs in the circles of Assam, NE-I and NE-II, from the forthcoming DR JTO recruitment, so that all the JTOs who have applied for transfer to their home circles get relief. The PGM (Estt.) accepted this and assured that sufficient number of DR JTOs will be allotted to the circles of Assam, NE-I and NE-II to clear the waiting list. 


[16.03.2017]Stopping recovery of over payment, based on the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court – Circle Secretaries to note please.

Despite the best efforts taken by BSNLEU, the Corporate Office has so far not implemented the DoP&T order, which has been issued based on the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, regarding stopping recovery of over payment. This matter is taken up by BSNLEU as an item for discussion in the 35th meeting of the National Council. Since the NC meeting is deferred, this issue was discussed with ms. Madhu Arora, PGM (Estt.) today. GS and Dy.GS strongly argued that without waiting for endorsement by the DoT, the order of the DoP&T should be implemented by BSNL without further delay. After serious discussion, it was agreed by the PGM (Estt.), that in all the cases of excess payment, a final decision will be taken by the Corporate Office. A direction in this regard will be issued by the Corporate Office, to all the CGM’s, directing them to forward the applications for stopping recovery of over payment, to the Corporate Office. The Union representatives demanded that till a final decision is taken by the Corporate Office, all recoveries on over payment should be stopped. This was accepted by the PGM (Estt.). All circle secretaries are hereby requested to take needful action in this regard. The applications of the affected officials should be forwarded to the Corporate Office immediately, by the concerned CGM’s. Details of such cases may be sent to the CHQ, by the circle secretaries.  


[16.03.2017]Allowing non-10th standard RMs and Group ‘D’s to appear in the Telecom Technician (erstwhile Telecom Mechanic) LDCE.

BSNLEU has long been demanding that, a one time relaxation should be given to the RMs and Group ‘D’s, who are not having 10th standard qualification, to appear in the Telecom Technician LDCE. This issue was once again discussed with ms. Madhu Arora, PGM (Estt.) today. After prolonged discussion, the PGM (Estt.) agreed to look into the case afresh, and to discuss the case internally in the Corporate Office, with the relevant Branches. BSNLEU will continue to take up the case. 


[16.03.2017]Corporate Management urged to immediately conduct JE LICE.

BSNLEU has been continuously pressing upon the Corporate Management to hold the JE (erstwhile TTA) LICE immediately. It is noteworthy that this examination was not conducted last year. This issue was once again discussed with Ms. Madhu Arora, PGM (Estt.) today. It was replied that after the results of the JTO LICE (held on 11.12.2016), are declared, Corporate Office will be in a position to assess the number of JE posts to be filled up through the LICE. Since the results of the JTO LICE are to be declared shortly, it was assured that further action on this issue will be initiated shortly thereafter.  


[16.03.2017]Amendments to the JAO RR, based on the demands raised by BSNLEU, accepted by the Internal Committee of the Corporate Office.

BSNLEU has already demanded that the following amendments should be incorporated to the JAO Recruitment Rules. The Union has been consistently pressurising the Corporate Management to consider the demand.


(i)  Non-Executives who have completed 5 years service in any pay scale with the requisite qualification should be allowed to appear in the exam.

(ii) The upper age limit should be kept as 55 years on par with JTO RR, since JTO and JAO are allied cadres of the same pay scale.

(iii) The cut off date for reckoning the 5 year residency period should be shifted from 1st January to 1st July of the vacancy year, since the cut off date is generally fixed as 1st July of the year in all Recruitment Rules.  


The issue was once again discussed with shri Sunil Kumar, GM (FP) today. It was replied that the Internal Committee constituted for the purpose has already submitted it’s report and that all the three demands raised by BSNLEU are accepted by the Committee. The GM (FP) assured that, based on the recommendations of the Committee, proposals for amendment to the JAO RR would soon be sent for the approval of the Management Committee and the BSNL Board. 


[16.03.2017]Sanctioning of additional JAO posts, to avoid reversion of already appointed JAOs, qualified in the JAO LICE held on 17.07.2016.

The results of the JAO LICE held on 17.07.2016 are declared and the successful candidates are already posted as JAOs, after completion of training. Thereafter, a review of the JAO LICE results was conducted by the Corporate Office, based on which more than 300 candidates have got qualified. As a result of this, a situation has arisen in circles like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, wherein the candidates who have already been posted as JAO, may get reverted, for want of sufficient number of posts. BSNLEU has already taken up this issue with the Corporate Office, and has demanded that additional JAO posts should be approved, so that none of the already posted JAOs face reversion. This issue was once again discussed with shri Sunil Kumar, GM (FP) today. He assured that needful action would be taken on this issue


[11.03.2017]Judgment in the Manesar Maruti Suzuki plant violence. Where is the judgment for the cruel exploitation of workers?

A local court at Gurgaon, delivered it's judgment yesterday, in the violence that took place in the Manesar Maruti Suzuki plant, in the year 2012. Out of the 148 accused, 31 persons were convicted, while 117 persons were acquitted. Out of the 31 who are convicted, 12 are Office bearers of the workers union. In the violence that broke out in the Maruti Suzuki plant at Manesar, 90 executives were injured, while the HR Manager lost his life. What was the reason for the violence?  Maruti Suzuki is the biggest car manufacturer of the country. However, no Labour Law of the country, pertaining to Minimum Wage, Working hours, trade union rights, etc. was respected in the Manesar plant. (Same is the case in other plants also) The workers were exploited in the most inhuman manner. The Haryana state government acted hand in glows with the Suzuki Management. Under these circumstances, the cruel suppression of the workers, finally resulted in an eruption of violence. Police acted quickly and made large scale arrests. Now the judgment has come, and the guilty workers are punished. But, what is the punishment for the Maruti Suzuki Management, which trampled the Labour Laws of the country, under it's feet, that led to the violence?


[11.03.2017]Chennai circle conference of BSNLEU, started with an enthusiastic seminar.

The two day conference of BSNLEU, Chennai circle, started today, with an enthusiastic seminar on the revival of BSNL. The National Flag was hoisted by com. S.K.Mahendran, ex. MLA and Chairman of the Reception Committee. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, hoisted the Union Red Flag. Floral tributes were paid at the martyr's column. Com.Kanniappan, circle president, presided over the seminar. Com. S.K.Mahendran, Chairman, Reception Committee, welcomed all and greeted the Conference. Inaugural address of the Seminar was delivered by com. P.Abhimanyu, GS. The General Secretary explained the various steps taken by the Forum, for the revival of BSNL. He came down heavily on the government, for it's anti-BSNL and pro-private policies, including the unceremonious shifting of J.S.Deepak, Secretary, Telecom. The seminar was also addressed by Ms. Kalavathy, CGM, Chennai, com. S.Chellappa, AGS, shri Kalyan Sagar, GM(Finance) and shri Chellappan, GM(HR).


[11.03.2017]Trade union rights of SC/ST employees of BSNL restored.

The order of the SCT Cell of BSNL Corporate Office, denying Trade Union rights to SC/ST employees, has been cancelled, due to the continuous efforts taken by BSNLEU. Earlier, the SCT Cell of the BSNL Corporate Office, had issued an order, stating that, the SC/ST employees of BSNL, who are members of SEWA BSNL, cannot be members of any trade union. This order was vehemently opposed by BSNLEU, since it amounts to denial of trade union rights of the SC/ST employees. BSNLEU argued that SEWA BSNL is only a welfare association, and not a trade union. Hence, SC/ST employees, can be members of a trade union, as well as of SEWA BSNL. After dilly dallying for long on this issue, the Corporate Office has finally issued letter, restoring the trade union right of SC/ST employees. This is a victory for BSNLEU.<<<view letter>>>

[11.03.2017]BSNL endorsed the revision of pension for pre-2006 pensioners - Delinking of revised Pension from qualifying service of 33 years.<<<click here>>


[10.03.2017]More views of the massive March to Raj Bhawan / Collectorate / District Magistrate’s office throughout the country held on 09.03.2017.<<<click here>>


[10.03.2017]BSNL employees oppose privatisation move - media report.<<<click here>>


[10.03.2017]MTNL's share price shoots up in the market.

The losses of MTNL continues to increase. However, all of a sudden, it's share price in the market increased by 16 per cent in a single day. As a result of this, the market valuation of MTNL also got increased by Rs. 221 crore. One may wonder, what the reason is? It is nothing, but due to media reports that, talks for the merger of BSNL and MTNL, have once again started at the highest level.


[10.03.2017]Member(Services), Telecom Commission, says no talks on,  for the merger of BSNL and MTNL. 
Yesterday, com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS, in their meeting with shri R. K.Mishra, Member(Services), Telecom Commission, enquired about the rumours of BSNL and MTNL merger. Shri R.K.Mishra denied that any such talks were going on. The representatives made it very clear that, the unions and associations of BSNL strongly oppose any merger, without fulfilling their demands in this regard.


[10.03.2017]Legal hurdle in DR JE recruitment crossed.

The case filed in Delhi court, against the DR JE recruitment of BSNL, has been dismissed yesterday. With this, the legal hurdle, sought to be created by some failed candidates, has been removed. The court has upheld the selection. Earlier, an   enquiry conducted by the DoT, has also upheld the DR JE selection, as fair and free. BSNLEU heartily congratulates all the selected candidates, who will soon be sent for training.

[10.03.2017]CHQ circular no.3 dated 10th March, 2017.<<<view circular>>


[09.03.2017]Free Night calling facility extended to BSNL retirees.

When BSNL extended Free Night calling facility to the customers, BSNLEU demanded that the facility should be extended to BSNL employees and retirees also. BSNLEU wrote several letters to the CMD BSNL, and the demand was raised by the Union on various occasions. BSNLEU’s demand has been partially accepted by the Management now. The Corporate Office has issued letter today, extending Free Night calling facility to BSNL retirees. While expressing thanks to the Management, BSNLEU demands that the facility should be extended to the serving employees as well.<<view letter>>


[09.03.2017]Corporate Office letter on distribution of number of candidates selected through the Open Competitive Examination for Direct Recruitment of Junior Engineer held in September 2016 between Recruiting Circles and non-recruiting units under their jurisdiction.<<view letter>>


[09.03.2017]Magnificent show of strength by BSNL Non-Executives and Executives.

Reports are pouring in from various parts of the country, about the magnificent rallies conducted throughout the country today. Accepting the call given by the unions and associations of BSNL, tens of thousands of the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL, marched to the Raj Bhawans, collectorates and DM offices throughout the country. Banners and placards were carried, demanding the government not to resort to strategic sale / disinvestment in BSNL, not to form Subsidiary Tower Company, not to favour the Reliance Jio and to immediately allot 4G spectrum to BSNL. BSNLEU heartily thanks the entire employees who have participated in today’s rallies.<<views of the programme>>


[09.03.2017]Restrictions for availing GPF advance relaxed.

The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare has relaxed the conditions in availing the GPF advance. Similarly, the quantum of GPF advance is also enhanced.<<view letter>>


[09.03.2017]BSNL Corporate Office beats a hasty retreat – withdraws it’s gag order issued yesterday.

BSNL Corporate Office issued a gag order yesterday, directing that the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL should not carry out any “joint action programme” under the banner of the “Joint forum”.This order was nothing but a ‘death knell’ to the trade union rights, as well as to the joint movement of the Executives and Non-Executives. BSNLEU immediately protested this circular, by writing a strongly worded letter to the CMD BSNL. BSNLEU has stated that all cooperations to the Management would be withdrawn, if the circular is not taken back immediately. CMD BSNL has taken swift action on this matter. As a result, the SR Branch, vide it’s letter no.BSNL/5-1/SR/2016 dated 09.03.2017, has withdrawn it’s circular issued yesterday. However, the SR Branch wanted to “save it’s face” by saying that “the advisory is kept in abeyance till further orders”. The SR Branch of the Corporate Office should understand that such type of nonsense will not be tolerated by the BSNL trade union movement. We sternly warn that the SR Branch should desist from involving in such adventures in future.<<view letter>>


[09.03.2017]Pension revision of BSNL pensioners would be done on time – Assures Member (Services), DoT.

BSNLEU has already written to the Member (Services), DoT, that the revision of pension of BSNL pensioners should be done on time. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS, met shri R.K. Mishra, Member (Services), today, and discussed this issue. The representatives pointed out that pension revision of BSNL pensioners should not be delayed this time, as it was done last time. The Member (Services), replied that the DoT is seized of the matter and that they have already initiated steps in this regard. The Member (Services) also assured that the pension revision, w.e.f. 01.01.2017, in respect of BSNL pensioners would be done on time.


[09.03.2017]Lunch hour demonstration at BSNL Corporate Office.

As a part of the March to Raj Bhawan / Collectorate program, being conducted throughout the country, an impressive lunch hour demonstration was organisd at BSNL Corporate Office today. Com.M.P.Singh,CP,NFTE, presided over. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, and com.K.S.Kulkarni, AGS,NFTE, addressed.<<< views of the demonstration >>>


[09.03.2017]Meeting of all unions and associations to be held on 15.03.2017, to discuss Wage Revision issue.

A meeting of all the unions and associations of the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL will be held at New Delhi on 15.03.2017. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the next Wage Revision to the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL, especially in the backdrop of the report submitted by the 3rdPRC.<<view letter>>


[08.03.2017]International Women's Day celebrated in Kolkata. 

BSNL Co-ordination committee, with ten circle unions of regular, non regular & retired workers, organised meeting at CTO Hall, Kolkata.Com. Gouri Halder presided over. Com. Biplab Das, GS, BSNLCC welcomed all. Com. Bharati Mutsuddi, eminent lawyer, com. Animesh Mitra, CS & VP BSNLEU CHQ and com. Saibal Sengupta, CS & AGS addressed the meeting.<<views of the celebration>> 


[08.03.2017]BSNL Management issues highly provocative letter against trade union rights.

The BSNL Management has issued a highly provocative letter today, laying down conditions that the Non-Executives’ unions and Executives’ associations should not form any “joint forum” and also should not go on “joint action program”.<<view letter>> 


[08.03.2017]BSNLEU gives befitting reply to the gag order issued by BSNL Management.

BSNLEU has given a strong rebuttal to the BSNL Management’s gag order, banning “joint forum” and “joint action program”.<<view letter>>


[08.03.2017]BSNLEU writes to the Member (Services), DoT, demanding immediate action on revision of pension for BSNL pensioners.

BSNLEU has written a letter to the Member (Services), DoT, urging upon him to initiate immediate action, for the revision of pension of BSNL’s pensioners. BSNLEU has also demanded that the government should put in place a permanent mechanism for the periodical pension revision of BSNL pensioners.<<view letter>>


[07.03.2017]Wage Revision for BSNL employees.

In the discussion held with the CMD BSNL today, the GS and the Dy.GS enquired about the status with regards to the Wage Revision of BSNL employees. The CMD BSNL told that the BSNL Management is giving a presentation to the Secretary, DoT, shortly.


[07.03.2017]United action for Wage Revision of BSNL employees.

The complete report of the 3rd PRC has already available in the public domain. The recommendations carry many strict conditions, which are not in favour of the employees. Especially, the “affordability” clause is against the BSNL employees. Considering the pro-corporate and anti-labour thinking of the present government, the entire Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL have to gear up for united action, so that they can create compulsion on the government. BSNLEU is already on the job of interacting with all the Unions and Associations in this direction. Soon, an all union / association meeting will be held, to finalise the strategy of the employees.


[07.03.2017]Approval for amendments to the Union Constitution, as approved by the 8th All India Conference.

CHQ has already submitted it’s application, to get the approval of the Registrar of Trade Unions, to incorporate the amendments passed by the 8th All India Conference, in the Union Constitution. Necessary follow up actions being taken, and we hope to get the approval soon.


[07.03.2017]Denial of representation for BSNLEU in the ‘Pension Fund Trust’ and the ‘Gratuity Fund Trust’.

BSNL has recently formed a Trust for the Pension Fund of the DR employees. Similarly, some time back, a Trust has been formed for the Gratuity of the DR employees. In both these Trusts, BSNLEU is not given representation. This issue was seriously discussed today, with the CMD BSNL, by the GS and Dy.GS. The representatives recorded their strong protest for ignoring BSNLEU, which is the biggest Union in BSNL. The CMD BSNL assured to seriously look into the matter.<<view letter>>


[07.03.2017]Non-holding of Welfare Board meeting and Sports & Cultural Board meeting.

Holding of the Welfare Board meeting and Sports & Cultural Board meeting are being inordinately delayed. The GS and Dy.GS took up this issue with the CMD BSNL today, and insisted that both the meetings should be held at the earliest. The CMD BSNL agreed with our view and assured to take prompt action.<<view letter>>


[07.03.2017]Creation of additional DR JE posts.

In their meeting with the CMD BSNL today, the GS and Dy.GS strongly demanded that, the BSNL Management should sanction additional posts, so that the DR JE candidates, whose names figured in the first selection list, but subsequently got deleted, could also be accommodated. Similarly, in some circles, candidates who have secured more marks than the cut off level are not considered. The CMD BSNL assured to look into the matter sympathetically.<<view letter>>


[07.03.2017]Arbitrary take over of BSNL assets by the DoT- detailed discussion held with the CMD BSNL and guidelines to the circle and district unions.

CHQ is getting reports that BSNL offices / buildings are being arbitrarily taken over by the DoT. This issue was discussed in detail today, by com. P.Abhimanyu, GS and com.Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS, in the meeting held with shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL. They drew the attention of the CMD BSNL, to the recent take over of 2,000 square feet of area, in the PGM office, Bangalore, by the TRAI. The CMD BSNL agreed with our view, that our buildings should not be arbitrarily taken over, without the approval of the Corporate Office. He also assured to look into our complaint, with regards to take over of BSNL offices / buildings at Bangalore. CHQ requests our circle and district secretaries to be vigilant and act quickly, when our assets are taken over by the DoT. The matter should be immediately brought to the notice of the CHQ. Our comrades can also think about physically stopping our assets being taken over, while bringing the matter to the notice of the CHQ.<<<view letter>>>


[07.03.2017]Once again great performance by BSNL.

Hearty congrats to all ! BSNL has once again added 20 lakh mobile customers in a single month. Despite cut throat competition from Reliance Jio, and Narendra Modi government’s blatant support for that company, BSNL has added 21,86,137 mobile connections in the month of February, 2017. This is a good performance. Uttarakhand circle has achieved 261% of it's target. Tamil Nadu circle has given the highest number of mobile connections (2,37,137). BSNLEU heartily congratulates the entire staff and the Management for this magnificent achievement.<<<view Dir.(CM's) DO letter>>>


[07.03.2017]Memorandum to be submitted to the Governor / Collector / District Magistrate.

BSNL Unions and Associations are conducting massive March to Raj Bhawan / Collectorate / District Magistrate’s office throughout the country on 09.03.2017. As per the decision taken in the meeting of the unions and associations, held at New Delhi on 06.02.2017, a memorandum is to be submitted to the Governor / Collector / District Magistrate. The matter to be incorporated in the memorandum has been finalised, in consultation with the unions and associations. The same is attached herewith. Circle and district secretaries are requested to download it and get it ready for submission. Before submission, the address of the Governor / Collector / District Magistrate may be filled up. The memorandum must also be signed by all the circle secretaries / district secretaries, as the case may be.<<view memorandum>> 

[07.03.2017]Inordinate delay in sending local council nominations to the CHQ.

It is nearly 10 months, since the 7th Membership Verification results are declared. However, it is observed that now only nominations to various local councils are being sent to the CHQ. The CHQ has reason to believe that still many district unions have not sent their local council nominations. Such a huge delay in sending local council nominations to the CHQ, only reveals the sorry state of affairs in the functioning of those district unions. It is also observed that, some district unions have sent the local council nominations to the CHQ, without getting the endorsement of the circle secretary. Such nominations will never be approved by the CHQ. Hence, all circle secretaries are requested to kindly make a quick review of the reconstitution of local councils in their respective circles, and to make necessary remedial steps, wherever necessary.


[06.03.2017]All India BSNL working women's convention to be held at Bhopal on 14th May, 2017.

Based on the discussions that took place in the 8th All India Conference, the All India Centre meeting of BSNLEU, has decided to hold an All India BSNL working women's convention. Accordingly, it is decided that the convention would be held at Bhopal on 14th May, 2017. All circles have to send women delegates for this convention. CHQ will be issuing detailed circular in this regard.


[06.03.2017]Corporate Office letter on timely Settlement of Pension and Pensionary benefits to Retired/Retiring Employees.<<<view letter>>>



दिनांक ९ मार्च रोजी सर्व सहकारी संघ व संघटनातर्फे राजभवन ,जिल्हाधिकारी,दूरसंचार कार्यालयावर मोर्चा !!

          बीएसएनएल कंपनीमधील सर्व सहकारी संघ आणि बीएसएनएल संघटनाच्या  वतीने, 9 मार्च, 2017 ला राज भवन, जिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालय / विभागीय  कार्यालय या ठिकाणी खालील विषयावर मोर्चा  काढण्याबाबत मा.सचिव,दूरसंचार यांना सूचना देण्यात आली आहे.


अ.)नीती आयोगाने बीएसएनएलमधील  निर्गुंतवणूक / मोक्याचा विक्री या शिफारशीला विरोध.

    (ब) उपटॉवर कंपनीच्या निर्मितीला विरोध.

        (क) बीएसएनएल सरकारी  कंपनीस  4G स्पेक्ट्रम  मोफत देण्याची मागणी मान्य करावी.

        (ड) सरकार जाणूनबुजून  रिलायन्स जिओ सारख्या खाजगी कंपनीला  विस्तारित करण्यसाठी अनकुल आहे त्यास विरोध.


          सेन्ट्रल हेड क्वार्टर तर्फे सर्व जिल्हा सचिव,परिमंडळ सचिव यांना सांगण्यात येते कि ताबडतोब सर्व सहकारी संघ व संघटना बरोबर चर्चा करून ९ तारखेच्या मोर्चाबाबत कर्माचार्यामध्ये प्रसार व जागृती करण्यात यावी.तसेच जास्तीत जास्त संघटन करण्यात यावे.

            वरील चार विषय सामान्य लांकापर्यंत जाण्यासाठी सार्वजनिक ठिकाणी पत्रके,फलके,पोस्टर्स   लावून जास्तीत जास्त प्रसिद्धी करण्यात यावी.

                             तयारी ताबडतोब सुरू करा.!
                              मोर्चाचे आयोजन भव्य करा !!


[04.03.2017]Memorandum to be submitted in the March to Raj Bhawan, collectorate/ DM Office on 09.03.2017. 

CHQ is getting queries from many comrades, regarding the memorandum to be submitted to the Governors, Collectors/District Magistrates on 09-03-2017. It is informed to all that a memorandum is under preparation at the All India level. The same will be finalised, after due consultation among all unions and associations. It will be uploaded on the website by tomorrow. The same may be submitted, after duly filling up the "To" address, and also after signing by the circle/ district secretaries.


[04.03.2017]Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, IT, may get additional charge of Telecom Secretary.

While abruptly removing J.S.Deepak from the post of Telecom Secretary, the government has not announced who would take over the post of the Telecom Secretary. In this situation, the news that is doing rounds in the media is that, the Secretary, IT, Aruna Sundararajan, may get the additional charge of Telecom Secretary.

[Courtesy: The Indian Express]


[04.03.2017]Cover page photos of Tele Crusader, March,2017 issue, carrying the views of the casual & contract worker's March to Parliament on 22nd February,2017.<<<view images>>>


[04.03.2017]Recovery of over payment in case of Non-Executives in BSNL - necessary guidelines as per DoP&T w.r.t. Hon'ble Supreme Court order will be issued soon.

Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy GS discussed the matter of necessary orders to stop recovery of excess payment made to Non-Executives in BSNL, straightway to implement the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court as per DoP&T guidelines with Sri A.K.Singh,DGM (Estt.), yesterday, the 3rd March 2017. The DGM informed that the BSNL Management is processing the case and necessary guidelines to Circles will be issued soon after the approval from Dir (F). 


[04.03.2017]Rule- 8 transfer cases of the DR JEs posted in remote circles of Assam, NE-I, NE- II, J&K etc.

BSNLEU is consistently demanding to the Management to consider the Rule- 8 transfer cases of the DR JEs posted in remote circles of Assam, NE-I, NE- II, J &K etc and suggested that since most of the officials have appeared in the JTO LICE immediately after promotion as JTOs, they may considered eligible for transfer under rule- 8, by counting their previous service in the JE cadre. The Estt. Section is now processing the case as per the demand of union. 


[04.03.2017]Renewal of MoU with the Union Bank of India – BSNLEU demands.

MoU with Union Bank of India for extending various loan schemes to BSNL employees has expired on 31st December, 2016. BSNLEU has demanded the GM (T&BFCI) to take early steps, for the renewal of the MoU. It is informed by the GM that BSNL Management has written to the Union Bank of India to place proposals with reduce interest rate on various loans. The Bank Management may submit their proposals soon after their internal decision. BSNL Management is taking necessary steps for early renewal of the MoU.


[03.03.2017]The hasty removal of J.S.Deepak only shows how powerful is Mukesh Ambani's grip on the government. 

The hasty manner in which J.S.Deepak is shifted from the Department of Telecommunications, only shows the influence that the Reliance Industries, and it's Chairman, Mukesh Ambani, is enjoying in the Narendra Modi government. Every one knows that the continuation of it's "Welcome Offer", beyond the 90 days period, may be in some other name, is a violation of the regulations laid down by the TRAI, by the Reliance Jio. Still, the TRAI did not have the back-bone to stop that. Under these circumstances, the Telecom Commission, which met on 22.02.2017, decided to write to the TRAI, that it should discharge it's duties in letter and spirit, so that the revenue of the government is not affected, and also the orderly growth of the communications industry is also protected. Being the Chairman of the Telecom Commission, J.S.Deepak, wrote to the TRAI, conveying the decision. This has definitely angered the Narendra Modi government. Even while he was attending a conference at Barcelona, J.S.Deepak is removed from the post of Secretary, DoT. It is announced by the government that J.S.Deepak is posted as the permanent representative to the WTO. This is only to show the outer world that J.S.Deepak is not shifted with any ulterior motive. The present Representative to the WTO is retiring only in May. So, what is the reason for such a hasty removal. Why is he posted as an OSD in the Commerce department. It is only to ensure that immediately after returning from Barcelona, J.S.Deepak should hand over the charge of Secretary of the DoT to someone else. So powerful is the grip that Mukesh Ambani is having on the government.


[03.03.2017]National Council meeting to be held on 17-03-2017.

After dilly dallying for long, finally, the Management has issued the notification for holding the 35th meeting of the National Council. The meeting will be held on 17-03-2017. This meeting is being held nearly 10 months after declaration of the results of the 7th Membership Verification.  Consequently, a long list of issues have been given by the Staff Side, as agenda items for the National Council meeting. BSNLEU has already suggested to the Management, that one more meeting of the National Council should be held in quick succession, in case all the agenda are not discussed in the 35th meeting.  


[03.03.2017]Staff Side of the National Council to meet on 16-03-2017.

As a prelude to the National Council meeting to be held on 17-03-2017, a meeting of the Staff Side will be held on 16-03-2017. The Staff meeting will be held at Dada Ghosh Bhawan, and will start sharply at 15:00 hrs. All Staff Side members are requested to kindly note the timing of the meeting, and be present in the meeting on time.


[03.03.2017]Corporate Office issued notification for holding of 35th meeting of National Council.<<view notification>>


[02.03.2017]J.S.Deepak, Secretary DoT, unceremoniously shifted.

J.S.Deepak, Secretary DoT, has been unceremoniously shifted. He is removed with immediate effect and has been made Officer on Special Duty in the commerce department. The government has also named him as India’s next Ambassador to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) from June this year, which is nothing but a "dummy" post. J.S.Deepak is at present attending the World Mobile Congress at Barcelona. J.S.Deepak has been strongly supporting BSNL, and that Reliance Jio is "unhappy" with him.


[02.03.2017]Shri P.K. Purwar appointed MTNL CMD

Shri P.K. Purwar was today appointed Chairman and Managing Director of MTNL. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved his appointment to the post for five years. Purwar is currently working as Director (Finance) in MTNL, which has been without a full-time CMD since May 31, 2014, following superannuation of A K Garg. Purwar held the additional charge of the post of MTNL CMD between June 2014 and June 2015. In June last year, he was again given this additional charge.


[02.03.2017]A mammoth Parliament March – Organised by the AISGEF on 10 point charter of demands.

The All India State Government Employees Federation organized a mammoth Parliament March on 10 point charter of demands today, i.e., 2nd March, 2017. Scrapping of NPS and to withdraw outsourcing of permanent jobs are among the 10 point charter of demands. The rally was inaugurated by Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, renowned economist of the country. Coms. Srikumar, Secretary General, AISGEF, M. Krishnan, Secretary General of Confederation of Central Government employees and General Secretaries from State Government Employees Federation from different states addressed the rally. On behalf of the BSNL Employees Union, Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS, addressed the rally. In his speech, while criticising the governments at the centre, he pointed out that it is the need of the hour to unite all section of working class of the country to defeat the neo-liberal economic policies followed by both the BJP led NDA government as well as earlier UPA government at centre. He assured that the BSNLEU will be with the AISGEF for further struggles in the coming days to scrap the NPS and other anti-worker decisions of the Central Government and urged the AISGEF to extend their support in the struggles of the BSNL employees to protect the PSUs including BSNL.<<views of the meeting>> 


[02.03.2017]Corporate Office issues notification on Direct Recruitment in the post of Junior Telecom Officer (JTO) in BSNL from open market through valid GATE score 2017.<<<Forwarding letter>>> <<<view notification>>>


[02.03.2017]Dot issued orders delinking of revised pension from qualifying service of 33 years in case of pensioners of BSNL/MTNL.<<<click here>>> 



[01.03.2017]10 lakh bank employees and officers went on strike.


As per the call of the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), 10 lakh bank employees and officers went on a day long strike yesterday, to press their demands including fixing accountability of top officers over increasing bad loans, opposing labour reforms as well as outsourcing of permanent jobs. BSNLEU heartily congratulates the unions and associations of bank employees and officers.





[01.03.2017]The Tamil Nadu government says that the private telecom companies let down Chennai city when Vardah cyclone struck.

The Tamil Nadu State government has accused the private telecom firms of letting down Chennai city, despite being warned of what was coming. They were asked to keep additional stock of diesel and CoWs (Coverage on Wheels) after the cyclone was predicted, said Commissioner of Revenue Administration K Satyagopal. He was speaking on ‘Cyclone Vardah: Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Perspectives’ at an event organised to mark the National Science Day by the Indian Meteorological Society at the Regional Meteorological Centre on Tuesday."We had asked the mobile communication service providers to put a mechanism in place, but they did not rise up to the occasion,” he said, alleging that there could have been commercial factors behind their decision in not taking the precautionary measures.


[27.02.2017]Wage revision from 01.01.2017 – Be prepared for struggle to get justice.

The 3rd PRC has already submitted it’s report to the government. The government in turn, has referred it to the secretaries of the concerned departments. It is reliably learnt that, according to the terms and conditions set by the 3rd PRC, it will be very difficult for BSNL employees to get wage revision. Hence, the entire Non-Executives and Executives have to gear up for struggle, for getting justice in the next wage revision.    


[27.02.2017]Four private operators and one government operator will be ideal – says J.S. Deepak, Secretary, DoT.

Due to the entry of Reliance Jio, mergers of private telecom companies have started taking place. Vodafone is set to merger with Idea Cellular. Telenor is being taken over by Airtel. Already the process for merger of Reliance Communications (Anil Ambani’s) and Aircel has started. Now, indications are there, for the merger of Tata Teleservices and MTS with Reliance Communications. Under these circumstances, J.S. Deepak, Secretary, DoT, has told the PTI that four private operators and one government operator will be ideal for the Indian Telecommunications sector.


[27.02.2017]Notification issued to the Secretary, DoT, for holding March to Raj Bhawan and Collectorate / DM Office.

On behalf of the unions and associations of BSNL, notice was issued today to the Secretary, DoT, for conducting March to Raj Bhawan and Collectorate / DM Office on 9th March, 2017, on the following issues.


(a) Opposing Niti Aayog's recommendation on disinvestment / strategic sale of BSNL.

      (As is evident from PMO ID No.4542267/PMO/2016-ES.I dated 30th December, 2016.)


(b) Opposing formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.


(c) Demanding allotment of 4G spectrum, free of cost, to BSNL.


(d) Opposing favours being extended to Reliance Jio.


CHQ calls upon all the circle and district secretaries to immediately take steps in coordination with the other unions and associations, for conducting the programme massively throughout the country. Banners and placards should be prepared well in advance, for prominently displaying in the rallies, to attract the attention of the general public, on the above mentioned four important issues.<<view letter>>


Start the preparations immediately.

 Conduct the programme massively.


[25.02.2017]Delay in the Document Verification of the selected DR JE candidates.

Our leaders from various circles are contacting the CHQ, and are complaining that the process of Document Verification for the selected DR JEs, has not started in their circles. The matter has already been taken to the notice of the GM (Rectt.) of BSNL Corporate Office. In this regard, CHQ wishes to inform that as per the schedule of the DR JE Recruitment, 15th March, 2017 is the last date for Document Verification. Comrades need not get tensed, since sufficient time is there. BSNLEU has already demanded that this time limit should be extended beyond 15th March, if the process of Document Verification is not completed within that date. The Corporate Office has responded positively for this.


[25.02.2017]“Get out of my country”.


Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an engineer from Hyderabad, has been shot dead in Kansas, United States, by an American. Adam Purinton, the 51 year old ex US navy man, shouted “Get out of my country”, while shooting Srinivas Kuchibhotla. American’s think that foreign professionals, including Indians, are the reason behind the rising unemployment in that country. Similar incidents are taking place in many developed countries, including in Europe and Australia. We share the grief of the family of Srinivas. At the same time, we wish to say that all these incidents only prove that capitalism is unable to tackle the menace of unemployment. While wealth is getting concentrated in the hands of a few, millions and millions of people continue to suffer due to unemployment and poverty.



[25.02.2017]More views of the massive march to Parliament by BSNL Casual and Contract workers held on 22.02.2017.<<<view images>>>


[22.02.2017]DR JE recruitment - latest position.

Document Verification of the qualified candidates has already started in all circles. Stay was not granted in the case filed in the Jaipur Bench of the Hon'ble CAT. Similarly, hearing took place in the Principle Bench of the CAT at New Delhi today, wherein also no stay was granted. Com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, met Ms.Anima Roy,GM(Rect.) today, and discussed about the status of the Document Verification process. She confirmed that Document Verification has already started in all circles. Some candidates brought to our notice, saying that DV has not started in Tamil Nadu circle. The GM(Rect.) spoke to the GM(HR) Tamil Nadu circle, and confirmed that DV process has already started in Tamil Nadu circle also.


[22.02.2017]View of the rally (March to Parliament) of the casual contact workers taking place at New Delhi today.


[22.02.2017]Com.A.K.Padmanabhan inaugurating BSNL contract workers March to Parliament at Eastern Court today.


[21.02.2017]Additional items submitted by the Staff Side for the 35th meeting of the National Council.<<<view items>>


[21.02.2017]Tata Teleservices may merge with Reliance Communications.

Media reports say that Tata Teleservices has initiated talks with Anil Ambani's Reliance Communications. The entry of Reliance Jio has created a crisis for other telecom companies. Hence, companies are trying for merger with one another, to face the ongoing fierce competition. Vodafone has already initiated talks with Idea for merger. Reliance Communications initiated steps to merge with Aircel. In the present case, a mega merger of Reliance Communications, Tata Teleservices, Aircel and MTS is in the offing.


[21.02.2017]March to Parliament tomorrow, by BSNL casual and contract workers.

BSNL casual and contract workers, under the banner of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation (BSNLCCWF), are conducting a March to Parliament tomorrow. Regularisation of the casual and contract workers, equal pay for equal work, implementation of Corporate Office orders on Minimum Wage, EPF & ESI, stopping & settlement of victimisations, etc. BSNLEU has called upon the regular employees, especially from the nearby circles, to express our solidarity with the casual and contract workers.


[20.02.2017]Good response from circles, in submitting items for discussion in the National Council.

CHQ requested circles and CHQ office bearers, to submit items for discussion in the National Council. Very good response has come. Not all items deserve to be taken up at the National Council level. Still, CHQ appreciates the interest and spirit shown by many circle unions and CHQ office bearers, in submitting the items. CHQ has already submitted the items for discussion, and will be submitting additional items tomorrow. Considering the number of items and their importance, BSNLEU has demanded that one more session of the National Council should be conducted immediately, if the items could not be discussed in one day.

[20.02.2017]Corporate office letter on payment of DA to Casual Labourers(TSM) to draw their wages in terms of this office letter no.269-11/2009-Pers-IV/LE dated 01.10.2010.<<<view letter>> 

[20.02.2017]Corporate office letter on details of TSMs regularized on or before 01.10.2000 and absorbed in BSNL w.e.f 01.10.2000 and covered under Rule-37A of CCS(Pension).<<<view letter>>

[20.02.2017]Corporate Office letter on engagement details of Casual Labourers who have retired, left organisation and expired during the period from 01.10.2000 to till date.<<<view letter>>


[20.02.2017]Corporate Office notification on meeting of the Joint Committee to suggest Change in Designation of left out Non-Executive Cadres.<<<click here>>


[18.02.2017]Ministry of Tourism partners with BSNL to offer free SIM cards to foreign tourists.

To promote tourism in India and to encourage e-visa, Ministry of Tourism partners with BSNL to offer free SIM cards to foreign tourists with e-visa. Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma launched this scheme on Wednesday to help foreign tourists to communicate in India. On arriving in India, foreign tourists will get free BSNL SIM cards from the government, which would be loaded with Rs 50 talk time and 50 MB data. 



[18.02.2017]National Council meeting is to be held tentatively on 7th March, 2 017.

Due to the delay in submitting nominations to the Staff Side of the National Council, there is inordinate delay in convening the 35th meeting of the National Council. Now, the National Council is slated to take place tentatively on 7th March, 2017. BSNLEU has already submitted it's items for discussion.


[17.02.2017]Enthusiastic circle conference of BSNLEU, Mumbai Telecom Factory.

The circle conference of Mumbai Telecom Factory is held today. Com.S.A.Tendulkar, circle president, presided over. Com. S.D.Chowdary, circle secretary, welcomed everyone. A large number of factory workers and officers attended the open session. It was addressed by com.P.Abhimanyu,GS, com.N.K.Nalawade,VP(CHQ), and shri A.M.Bodale,CGM,TF,Mumbai. In his address, the General Secretary elaborately spoke about the issues related to the revival of BSNL, anti-BSNL Policies of the government, decisions of the unions and associations to work one hour extra, specific issues related to the factories and it's workers, etc. After the open session, the GS, accompanied by com.N.K.Nalawade,VP(CHQ), com.S.D.Chowdary,CS and other office bearers, visited the various shops of the factory, and had interaction with the workers about their floor level problems. After lunch, the delegates session of the conference started.<<<Views of the conference>>>

[16.02.2017]Corporate Office letter on sanction of Welfare Fund to various circles.<<<click here>>

[16.02.2017]CHQ circular no.2 dated 16th February, 2017.<<<view circular>>

[16.02.2017]Items given by BSNLEU for the 35th meeting of the National Council.<<view items>> 

[16.02.2017]Corporate Office issues corrigendum in respect of declared result dated 1st Feb 2017 for Direct recruitment of Junior Engineers (Erstwhile TTA) in BSNL for the year 2015 from open market.<<forwarding letter>> <<annexure>>


एक तास जादा काम करण्याचा निर्णय का ?... सी.एम.डी.ना सहयोग करण्यासाठी पत्र...

            दिनांक ०६/२/२०१७  रोजी एनएफटीईचे  महासचिव कॉम चंदेश्वर सिंह यांच्या  अध्यक्षतते खाली सर्व संघटना व एसोसिएशन्सची  मीटिंग घेवून सर्वानुमते खालील निर्णय घेण्यात आला आहे.

           आर्थिक वर्ष समाप्त होण्यापूर्वी कंपनीचा नफा व परफॉर्मन्सला गती येण्यासाठी सर्व कर्मचारी व अधिकारी १०/02/२०१७ ते ३१/०३/२०१७ पर्यंत एक तास जादा काम करतील .या दरम्यान  मार्केटिंगला वेग देण्यात येईल व ग्राहकांच्या सेवेत सुधार आणण्याचा प्रयत्न केला जाईल.

            सर्व संघटना व असोशियनचा हा निर्णय मा.सी.एम.डी यांना कळविण्यासाठी महासचिव कॉ.अभिमन्यू यांच्या मार्फत पत्र देण्यात आले आहे.पत्रामध्ये सर्व जिल्हा प्रमुख व परिमंडळ प्रमुखांना सहाय्य व योग्य ती साधन सामुग्री पुरविण्याची सूचना देण्यात यावे असे नमूद केले आहे.

             आपण सर्वाना माहित आहे कि "सर्विस विथ स्माइल" या योजनेमुळे बीएसएनएल मध्ये चांगली आर्थिक प्रगती झाली आहे.त्यामुळे बीएसएनएल चे तोट्याचे प्रमाण कमी झाले आहे.मार्च अखेर बीएसएनएलची आर्थिक सुधारणा होणे गरजेचे आहे व त्या साठी प्रयत्न करणेहि गरजेचे आहे.या गोष्टीचे तारतम्य बाळगून संघटना व असोशियन यांनी सयुक्त पणे विचार केला व एक तास जादा काम करण्याचा निर्णय घेण्यात आला आहे.

             या पूर्वीही बीएसएनएलच्या रिवायवलसाठी आपण के लिए स्वास ( SWAS )सारखी योजनेसाठी निर्णय घेतले आहेत.त्यांचे सकारात्मक परिणाम दिसून आले आहे.या दरम्यान रिलायन्सचा जियोची सुरवात,नोटांची बंदी यामुळे रीवायावल प्रक्रिया वर परिणाम झाला.

            विशेष म्हणजे रिलायन्स जियो ला सरकारने खुला पान्ठीम्बा दिल्यामुळे त्याचा परिणाम बीएसएनएल कंपनीवर जास्त झाला आशा वेळी आपले कर्तव्य व गरज  आहे कि आपण ज्या  कंपनीमध्ये काम करतो तिला या स्थितीतून बाहेर काढणे.त्या साठी बीएसएनएलचे पुनर्गठन होण्यासाठी आपण जिम्मेदारी घेयून योग्य भूमिका निभावली पाहिजे.

         बीएसएनएल कडून वॉइस कॉल आणि  डाटा के टैरिफ ची  आकर्षक घोषणा केली आहे.याचा प्रचार होणे खूप जरुरीचे आहे. निशितच आपण ज्यादा एक तास काम या साठी उपयोगी पडेल.

         सीएचक्यू ने सर्व परिमंडल आणि  जिल्हा  व शाखा सचिवांना" एक घंटे जादा काम " हा  उपक्रम यशस्वी करण्याचे सर्वाने आव्हान स्वीकारून त्या प्रमाणे सर्व कर्मचार्यांना सूचना द्यावेत.


 चला आता सर्व मिळून बीएसएनएलचे पुनर्गठन करण्यासाठी आपण सर्व छोठीसी आहुती देवू या  !!



एक तास जादा काम करण्याचा सर्व संघटना व असोसिएशनचा निर्णय.

            दिनांक 6.2.2017 रोजी एन एफ टी ई चे  महासचिव कॉम चंदेश्वर सिंह यांच्या  अध्यक्षतते खाली सर्व संघटना व एसोसिएशन्सची  मीटिंग घेवून सर्वानुमते खालील निर्णय घेण्यात आला आहे.

आर्थिक वर्ष समाप्त होण्यापूर्वी कंपनीचा नफा व  परफॉर्मन्सला गती येण्यासाठी सर्व कर्मचारी व अधिकारी १०/02/२०१७ ते ३१/०३/२०१७ पर्यंत एक तास जादा काम करतील .या दरम्यान  मार्केटिंगला वेग देण्यात येईल व ग्राहकांच्या सेवेत सुधार आणण्याचा प्रयत्न केला जाईल.

           9 मार्च 2017 रोजी  राजभवन/ कलेक्टोरेट / डी एम ऑफिस  वर मोर्चा काढण्यात येईल.( त्याबाबत सविस्तर माहिती नंतर कळविण्यात येईल. ) 


             वरील  मीटिंगला बी एस एन एल ई यू चे महासचिव कॉ.अभिमन्यू यांनी सवीस्तर मुद्दे मांडले.सदर मिंटीगला खालील विविध संघटनाचे नेते हजर होते.

कॉ.पी.अभिमन्यू  महासचिव बीएसएनएलइयु ,कॉ.सी.सिंग ,महासचिव,एन.एफ.टी.ई ,कॉ.के.सेबस्तीन,महासचिव,एस.एन.ई.ए.,  कॉ.टी.सी.जेन महासचिव  AIBSNLEA 

कॉ.सुरेश कुमार,महासचिव, BSNL MS ,कॉ.एन.डी.राम, , SEWA BSNL 




[14.02.2017]Meeting with the Member (Finance), Telecom Commission on GPF payment issue.

Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS, and com. Ramesh Chand, Org. Secretary (CHQ), met shri Prahalad Singh, Member (Finance), Telecom Commission today and discussed about the problems being faced by the BSNL Employees in getting GPF advance on time. At present, BSNL is paying GPF advance to employees, and is claiming the amount back from the DoT. In this arrangement, employees are suffering, since BSNL is not having money to pay GPF advance on time. To settle this problem, BSNLEU has already written to the Member (Finance), Telecom Commission, suggesting that every month DoT should give advance amount to BSNL, for payment of GPF advance to the employees, and that after payment, BSNL can settle the account with the DoT. This suggestion was discussed with the Member (Finance), Telecom Commission today. He responded very positively and appreciated the suggestion given by BSNLEU. The Member (Finance), Telecom Commission, also told that the issue would be discussed with the DoT and BSNL officers. After this meeting, Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS, and com. Ramesh Chand, Org. Secretary (CHQ), met shri Yashwant Narain Singh, GM (T&BFCI) and requested him coordinate with the Member (Finance), Telecom Commission, so that early decision could be taken on the proposal given by BSNLEU.


[13.02.2017]One hour extra work – circle and district unions are requested to take serious steps for effective implementation.

The unions and associations have already taken decision to call upon the Non-Executives and Executives to work one hour extra every day. Even though, many circle unions have appreciated this decision, so far CHQ has not received any feedback, regarding the implementation of this decision. The All India Centre meeting of BSNLEU held today, discussed this issue and has called upon all the circle and district secretaries to implement this decision with all seriousness, in coordination with other unions and associations. CHQ also requests the circle and district secretaries to send a feedback to the CHQ, through SMS. 


[13.02.2017]The Reliance Jio impact - Idea cellular goes into loss.

Idea cellular, the 3rd biggest telecom company in the country, has gone into loss. For the quarter ended December 31st, 2016 (for the period from October to December, 2016), Idea cellular has posted a net loss of Rs.385.6 crore. The revenue of the company has also gone down by 3.79% during this period. During the same period in 2015 (October to December, 2015), Idea cellular has earned a net profit of Rs.655.6 crore. 


[13.02.2017]The Reliance Jio impact - Reliance Communications goes into loss.

The Anil Ambani led Reliance Communications has posted a net loss of Rs.531 crore in the quarter ended December, 2016 (for the period from October to December, 2016). The revenue of the company has gone down by 7% during this period. During the same period in 2015 (October to December, 2015), the company has earned a net profit of Rs.171 crore. 


[13.02.2017]The Reliance Jio impact - Vodafone to merge with Idea cellular.

Having seriously impacted by the competition from Reliance Jio, Vodafone, the Britain based multinational company, has started talks with Idea cellular for a merger. Aditiya Birla Group, that owns Idea cellular, has told that talks were going on for the merger of Vodafone and Idea cellular. If this merger takes place, the new company will become largest mobile company in India, with 39 crore customers. At present, Airtel is the biggest company with 26.6 crore customers. 


[13.02.2017]Director HR’s message on the decision for working one hour extra.

On behalf of the BSNL Management, Ms. Sujata T. Ray the Director (HR), has given a message, welcoming the decision of the unions and associations, to work an extra one hour every day. She has stated that this decision, on such a mega scale, has no parallel anywhere else. <<view message>> 


[13.02.2017]Document verification in DR JE recruitment stayed till 27th February, by the Hon’ble Jaipur CAT.

It is regretted to inform that the CAT, Jaipur has stayed the 'Document Verification', in the DR JE recruitment, till 27th February. Details of the order are awaited. Earlier in the day, com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, discussed with the GM(Rectt.) and asked  why letters for document verification are not sent. The GM(Rectt.) replied that there was no change in the schedule already announced by the Corporate Office, and that she would look into the delay. Meanwhile, the Jaipur CAT order has come. BSNLEU will do it's best to remove the deadlock.



[11.02.2017]Submission of items for discussion in the National Council.

The meeting of the National Council is to be conducted shortly. Management has requested us to submit the items for discussion. Hence, all the circle secretaries and CHQ office bearers are requested to send items if any, with the relevant details, for taking up in the National Council.




[11.02.2017]BSNL signed MOU with Canara Bank for extension of loans to employees

The MOU signed between BSNL and Canara Bank expired on 31-12-2017. BSNLEU took up the matter with the Corporate Office, and pressed for early signing of MOU, so that employees could get various loans, without any hassle. Corporate Office has taken prompt action on this and an MOU is signed with the Canara Bank on 08-02-2017<<click here>>


[10.02.2017]Make the March to Parliament by casual & contract workers a success.

The All India Conference of BSNLEU, recently held at Chennai, has decided that the "March to Parliament" by the casual and contract workers, to be held on 22-02-2017, should be made a success. CHQ has already written to the BSNLEU circle unions nearer to Delhi, to mobilise the maximum number of regular employees from their circles, and make the Parliament March a grand success. Once again the CHQ requests those circle unions to mobilise the maximum number of regular employees for the programme.



[09.02.2017]BSNLEU writes to the Director(HR), demanding immediate implementation of the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, on recovery of excess payments.
The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, has ordered that recovery of payments, mistakenly made by the employer, in excess of their entitlement, should not be recovered. The government, vide DoP&T  letter cited under reference, has implemented the judgement.
 However, BSNL has not implemented this order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, on the plea that the DoP&T letter has not been endorsed to it, by the DoT. On the other hand the DoT has told our Union that the BSNL, on it's own, can implement the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. Hence, BSNLEU has written to the Director(HR), demanding immediate implementation of the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.<<< view letter>>>


[09.02.2017]BSNL's Rs.1,000 crore  contract awarded to L&T and others to provide 35,000 Wi Fi hotspots.

According to media reports, BSNL has awarded a Rs.1,000 crore contract, to a group of companies, including L&T, for providing 35,000 Wi Fi hotspots. Elitecore, UTStarcom and Cisco are the other companies.  BSNL expects to operationalise all these hotspots by March,2018. BSNL will be offering data services through these hotpots, at a faster speed than 4G technology. As per reports, the installation is expected to start this month, and the equipments for this have already been procured.


[09.02.2017]Achievement of mobile target in the month of January,2017.

There were some errors in the website updating made yesterday, with regards to the mobile targets achieved in the month of January 2017. The updating stands corrected and the error is regretted.


[08.02.2017]Hearty congrats to all !  BSNL once again achieves the target of adding more than 20 lakh mobile customers a month. 
BSNLEU heartily congratulates the entire staff and the Management of BSNL, for once again achieving the target of adding more than 20 lakh mobile customers in a single month. In January 2017, BSNL has added 20, 63,287 new mobile customers. UP(East) circle has come first by adding 2,31,220 customers and Rajasthan circle has come second by adding 1,83,739 customers. Andhra Pradesh circle has come third by adding 1,77,294 customers. BSNLEU heartily congratulates these circles, and also all other circles which have achieved their targets. 


It is worth mentioning that BSNL is able to make this achievement, even at a time when serious challenges are posed by Reliance Jio. It is sure that the new tariffs introduced by BSNL, offering unlimited voice calls, and also 1 GB data for RS. 36, etc., have played a big role in this achievement. All unions and associations have called on the Non-Executives and Executives to work one hour extra, from 10-02-2017 to 31-03-2017. We should make it a point that campaigns like melas, roadshows, etc., should be launched aggressively during this period, so as to give the widest publicity to our new tariffs.  This will help us in a big way to increase our company's revenue as well as customers.



[08.02.2017]Reliance Jio is killing competition -  Airtel complains to the Competition Commission of India.
Reliance Jio continues to offer free voice calls and data, even after completion of the 90 day period, stipulated for Promotional Offers. Still, the complaint raised by Airtel, with the TRAI in this connection, is rejected. Now, Airtel has lodged a complaint with the Competition Commission of India(CCI), saying that Reliance Jio is killing competition. Airtel has stated that no other telecom company in India or abroad, is offering services free of cost, or any free unlimited voice calling. Reliance Jio is doing it, and it's goal is to eliminate competition, stated Airtel in the complaint. It has also stated that once Reliance Jio gets higher market share, then it will increase the tariff. Let us wait and see, what the CCI is going to do



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