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March to Sanchar Bhawan

on 23.02.2018.


Organise and participate massively.





AIDPA MAHARASHTRA CIRCLE: The circle working committee of Maharashtra  and Goa will meet at CGMT office Conference hall  Santacruz (w) Mumbai on 20th Jan 2018 at 10.0hrs The meeting will be presided by Com VAN Namboodiri, Shri G. G Patil, AGS.Aibdpa (karnataka) ,GM (HR) G M(finance) CCA% GMT will also Address  the meeting.... R N Patil Circle Sec.Aibdpa


CHQ’s new website alone will be available from 23.01.2018.

All comrades are requested to kindly note that BSNLEU’s new website bsnleu.in alone will be available from 23.01.2018. The existing website bsnleuchq.com will be discontinued with effect from the above mentioned date.    



[19.01.2018]BSNLEU writes to the CMD BSNL on extensive damaging of BSNL’s cables.

Satisfactory services to the customers are getting affected to a great extent due to extensive damaging of BSNL’s OFC and Copper cables. BSNLEU has already taken up this issue with the then Hon’ble Minister for Communications & IT and with the BSNL Management. However, much improvement is not observed. Hence, BSNLEU has once again written to the CMD BSNL and Director (CFA) demanding suitable action.<<view letter>>


[19.01.2018]BSNLEU writes to the CMD BSNL on the deprivation of representation to BSNLEU in the Pension Fund Trust and Gratuity Fund Trust.

BSNLEU, the Main Recognised Representative Union, which represents the substantial number of Directly Recruited Non-Executives, is deprived of due representation in the Pension Fund Trust and Gratuity Fund Trust. BSNLEU has already taken up this issue with the CMD BSNL. Since no action is taken so far, once again BSNLEU has written to the CMD BSNL.<<view letter>>


[19.01.2018]BSNLEU writes to the Management on non-availability of equipments / materials for the provisioning of FTTH connections.

BSNL’s FTTH connections are in good demand from the customers, obviously due to the better quality of service. However, at the field level, much delay is experienced in providing FTTH connections to the customers, due to non-availability of equipments / materials. BSNLEU has written to the CMD BSNL, demanding suitable action.<<view letter>>


[19.01.2018]BSNLEU writes to the GM (Rectt.), BSNL CO., demanding approval for filling up the unfilled vacancies of 2016 DR JE recruitment.

8 posts of DR JEs, pertaining to the 2016 DR JE recruitment are lying vacant in Tamil Nadu circle. These vacancies have arisen due to the non-joining of selected candidates. Tamil Nadu circle has sought the approval of Corporate Office to fill up these vacancies. BSNLEU has written to the GM (Rectt.), BSNL CO., demanding immediate approval.<<view letter>>


[19.01.2018]Corporate Office letter on updated FAQ on Constitution of National/Circle/Local Councils.<<View letter>> <<annexure>>


[19.01.2018]CHQ Hindi circular no.9 dated 16.01.2018.<<view circular>>


[19.01.2018]Narendra Modi government’s aggressive disinvestment agenda.

Moving aggressively ahead, to implement it’s agenda of disinvestment / privatisation of the Public Sector Undertakings, the Central Government has decided to raise Rs.30,000 crore, through disinvestment of the shares of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL). With this the disinvestment target of the government for the current year is expected to reach Rs.90,000 crore. Last year, the government realised Rs.46,000 crore through disinvestments. Media reports say that the government may fix a target to get Rs.1 lakh crore through disinvestments in the next financial year. It may also be noted that the government is going ahead with the sale of Air India, despite objections raised by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport. 


[18.01.2018]Corporate Office constitutes Committee for the Restructuring of Non-Executive cadres of Telecom Factories.

BSNLEU has been continuously pressurising the Management to complete the Restructuring of the industrial cadres. In this connection, BSNLEU has been pointing out that the report submitted by the Restructuring Committee of Telecom Factories in 2007, has not been implemented fully. This issue was once again raised by BSNLEU in the 35th (adjourned) meeting of the National Council held on 13.11.2017. After detailed discussion, the Management Side replied that, it would re-examine the Restructuring of the Non-Executives in Telecom Factory. According to this decision, the Corporate Office has constituted a Committee, consisting of 5 officers, to look into the Restructuring of the Non-Executive cadres of the Telecom Factories. The Committee has been directed to submit it’s report within 3 months. BSNLEU will submit it’s charter of demands to this Committee, with regards to the demands on Restructuring of the Industrial Cadres.<<view letter>>


[18.01.2018]Accommodation arranged for March to Sanchar Bhawan programme – will be allotted on first come – first served basis.

Accommodation has been arranged by the CHQ for the comrades who are coming from far away circles (not nearby circles) to participate in the March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018. The accommodation is arranged for 22nd & 23rd February, 2018. However, CHQ has been able to book accommodation only for 750 comrades. Circle Secretaries are requested to immediately inform the CHQ about their requirement for accommodation. It is also informed that accommodation will be allotted on “first come - first served” basis. So, only those who inform the CHQ first, will get the accommodation.


[18.01.2018]Hold the 36th meeting of the National Council without delay – demands BSNLEU.

BSNLEU has already demanded the GM (SR), BSNL CO., to hold the 36th meeting of the National Council in March, 2018. The Union has told the GM (SR) that only one meeting of the National Council has been held in the past 19 months, which was undesirable. BSNLEU has written to the GM (SR) to positively hold the next NC meeting in March, 2018.<<view letter>>


[18.01.2018]Granting of 1st promotion under NEPP after 4 years, in respect of TSMs regularised after 01.10.2000 – Corporate Office sends reminder to the CGMs.  

BSNLEU is continuously demanding that the Hon’ble CAT order in respect of granting 1st NEPP to the TSMs regularised after 01.10.2000. The Hon’ble CAT has directed that these employees should be granted 1st promotion under NEPP, on completion of 4 years. BSNLEU is continuously demanding that this order of the Hon’ble CAT should be implemented for all the TSMs regularised after 01.10.2000, and not only to the litigants. However, the implementation of this demand is being delayed, on the plea of ascertaining the financial implication. Corporate Office has once again sent reminder to the CGMs, calling for the inputs. Circle Secretaries are requested to take up the issue with their respective CGMs and to pressurise them to send the requisite inputs to the Corporate Office at the earliest.<<view letter>>


[18.01.2018]Date of the March to Sanchar Bhawan is 23.02.2018.

The original date for the March to Sanchar Bhawan was fixed as 28-02-2018. Subsequently, it is changed to 23-02-2018, in view of the Holi festival. This is already intimated through our website updating. Since the notice for the agitation was prepared before the change of date and many General Secretaries had already signed it. That is why date of the March to Sanchar Bhawan is mentioned as 28-02-2018 in the notice. Necessary correction in this regard has already been made. March to Sanchar Bhawan will be held only on 23-02-2018. Circle Secretaries are requested to immediately inform CHQ, the number of comrades coming from each circle. 


[18.01.2018]Prime Minister Narendra Modi should keep in mind that Israel is a country which does not respect the United Nations.     

The Israel Prime Minister, Netanyahu has come to India. The Narendra Modi government is making a very big “pomp and show” for this visit. In reality, Israel is a rogue state, which has made aggressions and has occupied Palestinian lands. It is not showing any respect to a number of resolutions passed in the United Nations General Assembly, with overwhelming majority. Due to this reason, up to certain point of time, Israel was treated as an ‘untouchable’ by most of the nations of the world. However, due to the continuous pressure of the United States, many countries have started treating Israel with respect now. The UPA government under the Congress party, normalised India’s ties with Israel. After Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister, India has gone very close to Israel. In this process, Israel’s arms producing corporates are the biggest gainers. Reports say that 41% of Israel’s arms exports are being made to India. Even during the present visit of Netanyahu, very big deals on arms, are going to be clinched. This is not good for the sovereignty of our country. It is a tragedy that, the ‘pseudo-patriots’ who raise a very big hue and cry about China, are silent about India’s undesirable closeness to Israel. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should keep in mind that Israel is a country which does not respect the United Nations.  



[16.01.2018]Formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company is a 'Day Light Robbery' - CHQ circular no.9.<<view circular>>


[15.01.2018]Standing Committee of the National Council reconstituted.

After prolonged efforts taken by BSNLEU, the Standing Committee of the National Council has been reconstituted by the Management, and letter is issued. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, Com.Balbir Singh, President and Com.Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS, are BSNLEU's representatives in the Standing Committee, which will review the implementation of the decisions of the National Council.<<<view letter>>>


[15.01.2018]Standing Committee meeting being held on 24.01.2018.

The newly reconstituted Standing Committee of the National Council is meeting on 24.01.2018, for which Corporate Office has issued the notification. We thank Shri A.M.Gupta, GM (SR) who has taken action to promptly hold the meeting. Review of the decisions taken in the 35th meeting of the National Council, held on 11-05-2017 and 13-11-2017, will be undertaken in this meeting.<<<view letter>>>


[15.01.2018]Minutes issued by the Corporate Office, for the formal meeting, held between BSNLEU and the Director (HR) on 08-01-2018.

Corporate Office has issued the minutes for the formal meeting, held between BSNLEU and the Director (HR) on 08-01-2018. Certain important issues were discussed in the meeting. The Director (HR) has fixed responsibilities to each of the seven GMs who attended the meeting, for the settlement of the issues. CHQ is following up with those officers regularly.<<< view letter >>>



[13.01.2018]The March to Sanchar Bhawan should send the right message to the government - Each district union should send maximum number of comrades - Figures should be given to the CHQ latest by 20-01-2018.

The government is launching a series of attacks on BSNL and it's employees. Denial of Wage Revision, breaking BSNL by forming the Subsidiary Tower Company, reduction of the retirement age, etc., have to be stopped. We have to fight back with all our strength. The March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23-02-2018 should give the right message to the government. Hence, it should be organised with the widest possible mobilisation. CHQ calls upon each and every district union to send the maximum number of comrades for Sanchar Bhawan March. The number of comrades coming from each circle, should be intimated to the CHQ latest by 20.01.2018.


[13.01.2018]Four senior most judges of the Supreme Court accuse that sensitive cases are not being handed over to them.

In a totally unprecedented move, four senior most judges of the Supreme Court, revolted against the Chief Justice of India yesterday. Justice J. Chelemeswar, who is the senior most judge of the Supreme Court, next to the Chief Justice, together with justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Madan B Lokur and Justice Kurian Joseph conducted a press meet yesterday, to air their views. They accused that “cases of far-reaching importance to the nation” were being selectively given to junior judges, and that senior judges were being ignored. The one case that has made the four senior-most judges to revolt is, the one related to ‘the mysterious death of judge B.H.Loya’. The CBI special court judge, B.H.Loya, died under mysterious circumstances last year, and his family members had raised suspicion about his death. It is also very important to note that, at the time of his death, judge B.H.Loya was hearing the fake encounter pawn you case of “Sohrabuddin Sheikh”, in which the BJP President, Amit Shah is the main accused. Before conducting the press conference, the four judges approached the Chief Justice, and requested him to take corrective steps, which was not accepted. The Supreme Court is the guardian of the Constitution and democracy in our country. At a time when the democracy of the nation is under attack, it is worrying to note that, allegations have surfaced regarding the fairness and transparency of the Supreme Court.


[12.01.2018]CHQ demands that the circle administrations should provide monthly district wise break-up figures for the CHQ quota.

Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS and Com. Animesh Mitra, Vice President (CHQ), met Shri A.M. Gupta, GM (SR) today, and expressed their unhappiness that, despite the repeated requests made by the Union, the circle administrations are not sending monthly district wise break-up figures for the CHQ quota, being remitted through NEFT. In this regard, they requested the GM (SR) that Corporate Office should once again give direction to the circle administrations to provide the CHQ with the monthly statement with the above mentioned figures. The GM (SR) assured to do the needful. 



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